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Overdue Honor: Alabama re-construction legislators are honored

A local lawmaker couldn’t remember the exact title of a classic Sam Cooke song, but he came close as he saluted a group of black legislators who served during Reconstruction.

“Somewhere there’s a song about ‘It’s a long time coming,’ and it has been for the families of these great men,” state Rep. Thad McClammy, D-Montgom­ery, said during a ceremony outside the state Capitol on Sat­urday. Read More

Black Reconstruction in Alabama in a Nut Shell

The northern defeat in the Civil War lead to re-construction of the southern government. From 1868 to 1878. Black legislators were being included as Alabama lawmakers. They were represented in various counties to enact, modify and establish new laws … [Continue reading]

Red Tails- The Tuskegee Airmen

Anthony Hemingway's epic tale of the Tuskegee Airmen will be out in 2012!! See previous posting of some of the actors who signed on in 2009 You can review the trailers and see a list of the other actors in the movie. … [Continue reading]

Visit to the Harris Family Gathering

During the third week of July, myself and a few younger relatives took a trip to Thomasville, Georgia to see David Harris and his family. We believe that we share the same gggrandfather, Chance Harris who was born in Georgia about 1820. I met some … [Continue reading]

3rd Annual Harris Family Gathering

They will be having a family gathering in Thomasville GA to be held July 22 & 23 at the Tony Ward's Farm and Pavillion, 2353 Hwy 319 South. The price of the event will be $40.00 for adults over age 18, ages 13 to 17 $10.00 and those under 12 are … [Continue reading]

Honoring Mom

The Community Baptist Church will be honoring mom, Carrie B. Harris on March 6, 2011 along with other church mothers.  Mother was a dedicated member of the church since about the 1960's when she moved from Trevose PA.  More info to … [Continue reading]

Tuskegee Calling – September 13th

Guys, Booker T. Washington’s granddaughter, our Margaret Washington, passed. It was such a pleasure to talk to her and watch the response from the youth who heard her. She will be missed. Remember the Tuskegee Washington Candy store where … [Continue reading]

Newest Family Addition

Majase Howard as born September 20, 2009 to Alicia Howard and Robert Earl. … [Continue reading]

Update on Jimmy

Your Jimmy has been down and in the V A in Montgomery for 2 weeks. Yesterday, I finally got an update from Dr.'s. On July 6th, I went down, pain in abdomen and no energy,,, I went to Montgomery V A and they started test, liver ultra sounds, to … [Continue reading]

Tuskegee Calling – 08

WHAT A GOOD DAY!! For some time now, I have been asking for help in getting rid of strawberries (crack whores) in my area on Washington Avenue and on the corners. I had noticed that over 70  percent of the cars that pick these women up are from … [Continue reading]

Tuskegee History TI104

Each day State and local officials are on the phone to Washington crying about help for the flooding here in the south. They want that help at once. They have forgotten about our experience with Katrina, and of course, they did not vote for President … [Continue reading]