Obituary Transcriptions

Over the past several months I have busying myself with transcribing Church program obituaries as well as obits found in the local newspaper. Once the transriptions are completed, I add them to  I came across this website about some years and have been an active contributor for the past 6 years. If there is [...]

Tracing your South Asian Diaspora Roots

Anxious to locate and confirm there ancestral roots, genealogy research has become a hot topic among millions of people worldwide….It’s been 140 years since a member of the Nambiar family transplanted from Malabar to a sugar plantation in Fiji.  Read more

Genealogy Today: More data on African Americans, the subscription website, announces a new African American Research Center.  February is Black History Month, and Ancestry is offering free access to this vast collection of historical records.  Read more

At 100, she’s living history

From the Jim Crow South to the civil rights movement, Eugenia Kirkpatrick has had an interesting century.  Read more

Bible often good book for genealogy research

Tracing ancestors can sometimes mean alot of disappointments along the way.  If all records have been destroyed by wars, fires or other natural disasters, it is extremely difficult to pick up a given lineage without these connecting links.  For this reason, Bible records become one of the most important ways to trace lineage.  Read more

DNA rewrites history for African-Americans

At age 4, Mika Stump, was abandoned by her birth mother in New York City’s Penn Station, brought up in a foster home, she knew nothing about her African-Amerian roots, she says, other than, “I was black.”  Read more

Is DNA the Answer to Lost Family Records?

Genealogy often doesn’t often make news headlines, but in recent months it has been a hot topic in newspapers worldwide.  Read more

Genealogy Today: Podcasts brings genealogy to your home computer or Ipod

This article represents the changing face of genealogy and how technology is rapidly developing many products to assist family historians and genealogist…now the Ipod podcasts.  Read more

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation and Relative Genetics team up to reward particpants in non-profit DNA-Ancestry database

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) a non-profit research organization dedicated to fostering family history research and family connections by building the world’s largest database of correlated genetic and genealogical information…..Read more

Fake family trees online may trip up genealogists

Genealogists beware.  A software company is marketing a new program to Internet Advertisers that could quickly generate Web sites full of extensive, but fake, family trees.  Read more