Tuskegee News

Promotion of Tuskegee Airmen Novel

Stanley Weisleder is set to promote his emotionally charged and historically accurate novel Wings of the Panther….. Weisleder spent 10 years researching and writing what is the only novel ever written about the Tuskegee Airmen.  Read more.

Police seek help solving fatal attack outside store

Death blindsided Benjamin Finley.  The 6-foot 7 inch accountant dropped when the fatal blow came out of the dark. Read more

Booker T. Washington: Hero or Villain?

The writer Elizabeth Gardner’s first memory of hearing about Booker T. Washington is typical:  “I can clearly remember another black student in high school or college making a joke about “blacks like Booker T. Washington,” she recalls,” and how everyone laughed , as if we all understood what a terrible thing that was to be.”  [...]

Edward Turnstall-Tuskegee Airman Dies

Proud of Tuskegee Airman Service – When Edward Turnstall retired from his job with the IRS in 1978, he was looking forward to playing golf with his wife and enjoying a more leisurely pace.  Read more

Ex-POW counts blessings

Lt Carrol Woods’ 107th combat mission ended in a flash and a crash in Greece.  It happened over 60 years ago as the Tuskegee Airman put his P-51 fighter plane into a steep dive towards targets over Athen.  Read more

Storied WWII Vets Share Insights With Today’s Troops

Former Tuskgee Airmen–pioneers who broke through racial prejudice to become the first black U. S. military pilots during World War II–have solid words of advice and encouragement for today’s military members.  Read more

Tuskegee Airmen Show

The Tuskegee Airmen know about war.  They battled the Nazis abroad and racism at home.  Now they’ve made their way back to the front lines to show their support for airmen fighting the war on terror. Read more

James Atkinson – Tuskegee Airman Dies

A retired postal worker who fought in World War II as one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, was found dead in his Bronx apartment yesterday, and investigators were probing whether the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning.  Read more

New medical facility to open in Macon County

For the first time in 18 years–Macon County will have a full service health care facility in Tuskegee.  Read more

Late Tuskegee coach wins AFCA award

Former Tuskgee University head football coach and athletic director Cleve Abbott has been named the American Football Coaches Association’s winner of the 2005 Trailblazer Award.  Read more